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Design And Engineering

SINERGI UTAMA provide best quality services provides consulting in the disciplines of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering we have supplied Mechanical and Electrical systems design and supervisory services Design includes a power plant, electrical, building architecture.

M&R Engineering provides consulting in the disciplines of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.  For over 40 years, Sustainability Consulting, Energy Auditing, Commissioning and Energy Modelling.

From analysis to strategy to execution, our professionals see you through projects from start to finish.  Expert project engineers at the concept and design phase manage the procurement and construction phase.  Construction coordinators carry the project through to completion, turn-over, commissioning and project close-out.  Our talented professionals utilize a variety of design and performance tools, analytic software, drafting, CAD, and Building Information Modelling (BIM) to provide the analysis and documentation needed for your projects, today and tomorrow.

SINERGI UTAMA provide the best service with attention to ergonomic design aspects estethic and conceptual design. GSU has a design engineer who is an expert and professional to assist you in the design of the project.


Operation And Maintenance

SINERGI UTAMA are dedicated to planning and managing the operation and maintenance services of:
A. Heavy equipment, electrical generator system, water pumping, plumbing mechanical and electrical at mining, construction and industry sector.
B. Hydraulic, mechanical, electrical Oil and gas equipment.
C. Mechanical and electrical system power plant and renewable energy.
To ensure that safe operational performance is optimized, that availability is maximized and that cost is minimized. In short, we give a best practice and solution in maintaining our clients’ production facilities so that they do what they should do at minimum cost.


Procurement And Construction

SINERGI UTAMA have a wide and good partnership, has evolved to provide the full spectrum of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services needed to truly recognize project efficiencies and quality from a single provider


Project Management

SINERGI UTAMA project management experts and resources are available 24 hours-a-day via sophisticated business execution tools, such as our integrated project management system (IPMS), project portals, project dashboards, geographic information systems and object engineering to monitor progress and share information. From conceptual design through procurement, logistics, construction management commissioning and turnover we focus our efforts on the timely completion and delivery of these large-scale projects that meet our customers' objectives for safety, quality and performance.


Technology Selection

Our services for Technology and Service Provider Selections are designed to give you confidence in the partner choices you make. We bring clarity to the entire process, from identifying your unique needs for specific capabilities, to crafting requests for information and proposals from good-fit suppliers, to sitting with you at the table as your chosen solutions go live.


Total Power Solutions

SINERGI UTAMA provide best services the total scope of any project works like Electrical, mechanical, Civil, instrumentation and Automation along with commissioning. We also deal with a lot of world reputed OEM products for power and process control system. The slogan of power Solutions is "SERVICE FIRST" The company has already achieved the trust of the customers for their instantaneous service, efficiency, innovation and superior quality of Our products. With broad view to its production of high performance Electrical and electronics products by applying the most advanced technology.

SINERGI UTAMA also provide of trading, service and rental is :
a. Gas engine generator system.
b. Lighting tower system
c. Cable tray and pipe line system SINERGI UTAMA provider of best solution for power plant system, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical system


Turnkey Project

SINERGI UTAMA Turnkey Projects and Construction Services include capabilities with proprietary in-house software and licensed tools to performing a complete system design and analysis. This means that you will get the most cost-effective system that meets your reliability, purity and functionality requirements with the highest level of safety review. Versum Materials has provided Project and Construction Management services on major projects worldwide. Included in our Turnkey Projects and Constructions are: Project planning and definition, system design, project/construction management and Insulation/quality control.