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SINERGI UTAMA services offered in this area are detailed as follows:

The scope of our services covers petrochemical, mining, manufacturing industries, rail-ways, Oil Company, power generation authorities, etc.

CLIENTS’ SATISFACTION IS AT OUR OF PRIORITY. To ensure superior quality parts for our clients' SINERGI UTAMA all of its high quality spares parts directly from the manufacturers. Our expansive product ranges also make it possible for clients to enjoy "OUR SERVICE AND SUPPORT" for their service and spare parts requirements.

It's all about our commitment, capability, service promises and our quality. Furthermore, we committed to increase your productivity. It's not about our promises; it's about service and support from us to our client

To Get as close to our customer's operation as possible namely;

a. Containerized site consignment stock in customer's warehouse at job site with 24 hours operation and service on site.

b.    Fully maintenance contract (Operation and service)

To meet customer satisfactions. Our core values represent a competitive advantage to our customers and help us maintain our service and support position to our customer even in a changing environment.


c.    Qualified Technical Engineer

We hired numerous qualified Technical engineers and technicians with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

d.    Professional Approach

Besides our friendly customer service, we also handle our project professionally according to Factory standards.

e.    Consultation

We are ready for discussions and meetings to provide you with the best product to give customer satisfaction.

f.     Services, Repair & Maintenance Team

Even though we believe in our product quality, Our repair and maintenance team will ensure its best performance Our expert staff and specialized facilities offer the know-how and in-depth experience to deliver reliable engineering services and testing capabilities that can help prevent equipment failures, reduce maintenance and improve day-to-day operations for utilities ;

Mechanical  Services :

  • Transformer oil purifier
  • Sand blasting
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Vibration Analyzer
  • Thermograph
  • Noise measurement
  • Piping
  • Repair / services of pumps, turbochargers, compressors, valves, etc
  • Repair / overhaul / parts supply of Diesel Engine.
  • Pump Repair and service, assembly
  • Installation and commissioning system
  • Troubleshooting and root cause failure Analysis
  • Valve repair and service Field service and trouble shooting.
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Valve repair and recondition
  • Valve maintenance
  • Engineering and parts manufacture
  • Man power supply skill worker, technician and specialist Pump Mechanical and electrical.
  • Fire Pump Assembly  & Packager
  • Fire Pump System
  • Assembling stage for fire Pump Package
  • Fabrication Stage for fire pump Package
  • Test performance for fire pump package
  • Fire Pump Assessment
  • Horizontal Pump
  • Vertical Pump   

Electrical Services :

  • Insulation assessment and  site repairs of electrical rotating  machines
  • Failure investigation and analysis
  • Stator winding wedge tightness survey
  • Wedge upgrading using radial spring
  • Stator core test analysis
  • Motor / Generator / Transformer Winding Partial Discharge Test and Analysis
  • Insulation Dissipation Power Factor Test and Analysis
  • Rewinding / overhaul / site-works for all rotating electrical machines (LV/HV AC machines, DC, Traction, etc)
  • Rewinding / overhaul / site-works for all type of transformer ( Power transformer, Distribution transformer, Furnace / rectifier transformer, etc)
  • Service / repair / parts supply of electrical motor, panel and control system

g.    We provide of Training operation and maintenance program

h.   Service Center

We does not only sell great product, but we also care for our customers after sales service (ASS) Lifetime technical expertise for Mechanical, Electrical and fire industrial machinery (Pump, valve and generating power plant comprises our workshop services portfolio. A combination of design, installation, outage, maintenance, testing and fault-finding skills ensures that every item of industrial equipment.

i.     Genuine Spare Parts

Our genuine spare parts ensure your equipment always at its maximum performance and durability.

j.     Warranty

Worry no more with our product quality. We provide all spare part products with factory warranty.

k.   Rentals

Do you need extra power for long term period of time? Our rental division will find the best solution for you.